Welcome to Lyra!

Lyra is a non-profit, non-invasive communication service which aims to enable conversation, debate and discourse.

Lyra aims to challenge the problems caused by for-profit social media. Click here to read more about our motivation and philosophy.

Lyra displays conversations in a powerful way. See an example conversation (you don't need to log in).

Lyra's main menu is on the left; some pages (not this one) have a right menu, too. You can open and close them using the top corner buttons.

Lyra has three main pages. You can access them using the left menu.


The Conversations page shows you a feed of conversations. Lyra puts control back in your hands: you can select different groups of people to read conversations from, or read public conversations from the world.

Conversations can be public or private. A public conversation can be read by anyone; a private conversation can only be read by people in its audience.

Click on a conversation to visit it.

New conversation

Use this page to start a new conversation by setting a title (optional) and writing the first message. You can make it private or public, as well as setting the audience.

Conversations on Lyra are tree-based. This means that you can reply to any message, rather than simply adding your message to the end of the list.

If you choose, you can set your conversation to expire (disappear) after a certain time.

Please note that public conversations can be made private (which is useful if the tone of the discussion changes). However, once a conversation is private, it can never be made public again (to protect private speech).


On Lyra, you organise your contacts by putting them in groups. By creating groups (for example, friends, best friends, or workmates) you can manage your contacts on Lyra. Groups are secret to you - no one can ever see the names of your groups, and no one will ever know which groups you have put them in.

When you start a conversation, you can set its audience as one (or more) of your groups. When you read your news on the Conversations page, you can select one (or more) groups to read conversations from. This gives you fine control over what you want to read at the moment.

Your profile

Your profile is completely under your control: you can include any information you desire. Lyra will never look at your profile or use it to target advertising.

Lyra also lets you change your name whenever you like (see My Account > Account Details). Your username, however, is permanent.

What next?

Join Lyra to see public conversations, and start your own.  


  • Lyra is a service dedicated to enabling meaningful conversations with people you care about.
  • We are a non-profit and will never share your data or track your movements on other websites.
  • Lyra aims to give you back control: over whose conversations you read, and over who participates in your conversations.
  • Read more about how Lyra works, Lyra's philosophy, or Lyra's charter.